#BlogForAshton and #AuRevoirRobert

by Sweets and Sweaters

With the sounds Bette Midler and Danny Devito acting crazy in Ruthless People, playing in the background, I am here to keep a promise to a friend who is sick and tired of reading about fish and butter. 

I promised you a blog, Ashton and here it goes. 

“Love people. Cook them tasty food.” <– I do believe I have found my new mantra. I found it on a bumper sticker in a parking lot of all places. 

There’s something about cooking for someone else that makes me feel I’ve done something good. Most recently I hosted a meal for Robert, who I’m losing to the city of Angels. His move began this morning. By now he is probably in a shady motel or pulled over on the side of the road somewhere watching interviews of Bea Arthur. 

The time leading up to his departure seemed to go by really quickly and before he left, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend time with him than in a home with food, wine, sweets and conversation. 

What a pleasure it is to make food to nourish a friend, pour them wine and treat them their favorite dessert. I’m beginning to understand the power of dinner parties. I’m starting to appreciate the art of domesticity and hosting. Something Martha Stewart and women everywhere have dedicated their hearts and creativity to for years.

Ladies, I do believe I’m joining the party. 


What was cooked for Robert:



Above is basil and butter. I wish I could write the scent of Basil. It’s indescribably divine. 





Rosemary, basil and butter red potatoes and tilapia. I also wish I could write the scent of Rosemary. It is equally divine. 


(I felt it was incomplete without veggies or salad, but I mismanaged my time… Eventually, I’ll get better at this, but thankfully Robert was very gracious and understanding.) 

While some people prefer to buy gifts or go out and party, I prefer the intimate, yet casual setting the dining room table provides. 

Having found my newest happy place, I’d like to say….

Dear friends, you are welcome into my kitchen. I’ll feed you something cooked in butter, pour you wine and bake or buy you your favorite dessert. 

It would be my pleasure to host you. 


Robert, Bon Voyage. Everyone send luck his way.

Ashton- thank you for reading my blog. #satisfied?

And, as always… happy eating.