Go Guac Yourself

by Sweets and Sweaters

Homemade guac.

Recipe here. (I like her chopping board.)

I used her recipe as the jumping off point, but then I realized I didn’t want sour cream in my guac and also- what’s guac without red onion and tomato? So I modified it a little.


avocado sits in the ol’ gum tree


this was hours ago and I still have garlic fingers. I. Don’t. Care. I love it!


The red onion added a bit of “kick” to the equation.


Cilantro and garlic. Yum yum yum.


Easy, peasy.

‘Twas a good lunch and it filled me up fast. I thought with three avocados I’d have some leftovers… But between three food lovers- it was gone within minutes.

Side note: even though I kept adding salt I couldn’t (nor could anyone else) taste it… What’s the deal? Does one of the ingredients dissolve salt or something? I don’t get it.


Now, excuse me. Ray Charles’ voice is taking me away.