A Way to Eat that Empowers You

by Sweets and Sweaters

We eat for all kinds of reasons.  Fundamentally we eat because we’re living things and we need to. We’ve also developed other reasons to eat such as for emotional comfort, a way to connect with family and friends and a symptom of PMS.

There’s another way to eat, I’m just starting to discover for myself that I’d like to run by y’all. And that is: What if we ate because it empowered us to eat that way?

For example… I, personally,  feel empowered having nourishing foods as the basis of my eating habits. What I also feel empowered by is having accepted that I am a dessert person and will probably always be a dessert person and not feeling guilty when I eat and enjoy a dessert.

And for this bit of self-acceptance I must thank Zooey Deschanel and/or the writer of New Girl for this line…


This is the moment that set me free. Free of all dessert-lovers guilt.

Because, really… I can’t resist this.


And, quite frankly,  I wouldn’t want to.