All the Thoughts

by Sweets and Sweaters

Guys… I’ve got an hour to fill and I want to write again. Again, I’ve got nothing in mind. But let’s just see where it goes, shall we?

I’m listening to Frank Sinatra radio on Pandora. Nat King Cole is singing to me, now about when he falls in love. These guys are magical and their voices come from their hearts with such sincerity.

That’s what is missing from all facets of entertainment lately, I observe. Sincerity.

I don’t have anything else to say about that.

But here’s some sincerity. I’ve been getting some lovely feedback from my post yesterday, so I’m feeling very nervous to write anything else. I’m self conscious and concerned about making sure everything I write from this point on is everything people have been saying my last one was.

But I can see now that that’s a little ridiculous. It was what it was. And this one is what it is…. Just me passing time. Saying things. Nothing too serious.


Meow. Purrr. Hey now! I’ve got the world on a string! Blankets. Leopard print snuggie. Fuzzy tings. Foxxy Cleopatra.

I went roller skating today for two hours and just ate a lot of beans….

Fun fact: People who are gluten free are more likely to develop forms of intestinal problems and cancers because of our general lack of fiber intake. So it’s important to work some beans and berries and popcorn into our diets.

Here’s a bean salad recipe (also vegan) from Kris Carr to startcha out with.

In conclusion… My message for today is this: Fiber it up and go roller skating.

ImageExcuse the manic nature of this post. I’ll have calmed down by next time. Bah.