Food that Grows

by Sweets and Sweaters

No matter how many or how little hours I spend at work in a day I always come home feeling drained and tense in my body. 

But I realized today, that I’m revived by making something delicious for my mouth as well as nourishing for my body. In the kitchen with my knife, chopping away I feel in my element.

When I came home today, I was expecting salmon to be prepared and ready-to-eat, but when I saw it wasn’t- I decided to make a salad. 

Craving a pear and candied walnut salad, I didn’t have the pear vinaigrette I enjoy so much or the gorgonzola cheese– so I improvised with what I had.

Spinach leaves, beets, avocado, candied walnuts, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 



what a beautiful avocado (and perfectly ripe, too).Image

And here’s what’s great: I feel nourished. Really nourished. My body received fats, fibers, calcium, energy and all kinds of other benefits I don’t even know about. I gave my body foods it could put to good use. 

Because of this I feel great right now and grateful for foods that grow. 

So I’m inspired to say:

Thank you, nature! For avocados (and spinach and walnuts and beets and olives and kale and berries and sun and flowers and water). You know just what my body wants 😉


Kale, anyone?