by Sweets and Sweaters

Oh my, I’m back! 

Suddenly I started missing this little blog. 

I’m back in Minnesota and I’d tell you about my life, but I’m not gonna. But here’s some news… I tried a new restaurant. (Louis downtown Saint Paul, just above Cossettas).


When I turn 21, (tomorrow), this will be a nice place to go for drinks. It’s lively and just sophisticated enough to make me feel classy for being there, but not sophisticated enough to feel out of place or surrounded by snobbery. 

Not to mention- for an Italian place, their range of gluten free accommodations are much appreciated.

I split two dishes: spaghetti, with a considerable amount of basil in the sauce, which made it fresh and the flavor dynamic. Then, a rigatoni with a garlic cream sauce that was to die for.

There’s something about an Italian environment that brings me right to life. Maybe somewhere within me my Italian blood recognizes it as home. But suddenly I am present to each bite I’m taking. I’m aware of each flavor as it pops off in my mouth and I feel whole and happy. 

From the entrees, I moved to desserts. Downstairs I tried a small chocolate covered cannoli and mint chocolate chip gelato. Because the gelato is not made with a mint syrup, but with mint leaves, eating the gelato is light and fresh experience. The best I’ve had since Italy, itself. 




To abruptly wrap up (as I often do)- I’ll share with you possibly the most accurate quote, ever, from the movie The Guilt Trip when Barbra Streisand says, “Food is love.”

Here’s to food, here’s to love and here’s to the moments when we experience both of them at the same time. 

Now go eat something breathtaking.