2012 Oscars (keep scrolling passed the dresses. It’s not over yet)

by Sweets and Sweaters


Jessica Chastain.

This is quite possibly my favorite.

























































I had also included Maya Rudolph and Miley Cyrus looking amazing at the Vanity Fair party, but I can’t ’cause I have elbows wordpress is fuckin’ up right now. You can google them if you care enough to see the dresses. I also can’t figure out how to remove that big enormous amount of space between the picture and the text, either. “whaaaaat is happenninnngggg?”

Maybe if we all just think of it as art it won’t be as annoying. An Avant Garde kind of blog post. The big blank space represents… I don’t know. It’s art. It’s up for interpretation. Come up with something unique.

Anywho- With the fashion aside, I’ll go ahead and talk about the ceremony. Billy Crystal’s opening  and medley. Yes. Melissa McCarthy and Billy Crystal. Super Yes. “Wanna turn this dressing room into an un-dressing room?” Fantastic. Also that video of the executives (Catherine O’Hara. Jennifer Coolidge etc) criticizing The Wizard of Oz. Hilarious. Meryl Streep winning. Her reaction to winning and her speech. Emma Stone presenting with Ben Stiller. “Jonah! get up here! Lets daance…. Lets dance.” Cut to Jonah’s face. Cast of Bridesmaids presenting.

Is that it? Yeah that’s pretty much it. Except for this:

If I was Octavia I would frame this and hang it on my wall. Or use it as a Christmas card next year.