Santa Monica. Part II: Food.

by Sweets and Sweaters

Oh, it’s you again. Hi, there. I assume you’re here about the food I talked about in Part I…. Well your wish is my command. Here you go…

We ate at a healthy restaurant, which made me nervous to be honest with you. I’m not really big on the “all natural” “vegan” “organic” type restaurants.

I don’t consider myself an unhealthy person by any means. I don’t drink soda, I am gluten and dairy free (for the most part), I don’t eat much packaged “foods” and I haven’t been to a McDonald’s in years.  But even still, sometimes healthy restaurants, such as these, are in fact, too healthy for me.

I am genuinely surprised to realize how corrupted my taste buds are, while eating foods in their purest of forms because it really just tastes like flaxseed and dirt to me. It certainly doesn’t taste like anything I want to be eating for the next 20 minutes. I start thinking, “You know… I really don’t care about preservatives and trans fats, just so long as it tastes delicious. I’d rather be eating a big mac right now.”

But regardless of all of that, we ended up at:

It’s just what it sounds like. True food. Food in it’s truest, most honest form. You won’t hear any lies coming from this food… ……. ……

….. …….. …Hey! In case you wanted to know what the specials were that day:

I took the liberty of snapping you a picture.... Plus they wrote it on a Chalkboard pillar. Chalk-pillar. Chalk-a-pillar... And who doesn't like that?


I wish I could remember what this drink was called. But I can't. Sorry. Something with a cucumber in it.

Gluten free pancakes.

‘Twas very yummy. As was my sister’s burrito as well as my mom’s omelet. Healthy stuff and all.

If you’re a gluten free person who wants to eat something healthy whilst in Santa Monica, CA… I can tell you that based on my day there, I conclude that True Food is your best option.