Santa Monica. Part I: Fashion

by Sweets and Sweaters

This was like a week ago (or more) but bare with me…

I had a Dior silk scarf around my neck, which I had planned to use as a driving scarf when the appropriate moments arose:

This, I had intended as an homage to Jessica Lange in Bonneville, which I had watched the night before:

Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange and Joan Allen. It is not a movie that is bedazzled with special effects and you are not likely to find yourself at the edge of your seat unless, of course, road trips really get you going. It's about a woman, grieving and about her adventure with her friends. And if you want to just watch a story unfold, I recommend this. It's simple and lovely.

Now that I’m done plugging Bonneville… Back to the driving scarf dilemma.

I didn’t end up doing it…  On account of my mom telling me she didn’t like the fabric of the scarf with the fabric of my sweater I had on, so I tied it as a headband instead.

DIOR scarf. BCBG leggings, STEVE MADDEN sandals. VINTAGE clutch. OLIVE OLIVIA sweater.

After food comes the lipstick.

And that brings me to Part II. Food.