It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday… The 13th.

by Sweets and Sweaters

For my second time and my mom’s first, we went to see The Iron Lady because as of today it has expanded from “select theaters” to “In theaters everywhere.”

Was it just as beautiful as the first time? Yes. Did I cry again? Yes. Do I plan to buy it the minute it’s out on DVD? Yes. Do I continue to demand encourage you to all go see it? Yes.

In honor of the day and the woman. I paid a small fashion homage to Meryl Streep. How does one accomplish such a thing, you ask?

Well… You throw your hair up in a clip and you wear something baggy. In order to squander any potential doubts- I have the best intentions. I pay tribute to her and her style with love and kindness.


After shedding tears and leaving the theater we went to The Cheesecake Factory.

We ordered the shrimp and bacon club sandwich and enjoyed it very much “as naturally you would.” (Paula Poundstone. Watch it, enjoy it.)

Here’s why:

Umm. YUM.

And of course no meal of mine is complete without a green iced tea.

And for dessert we stopped by Dots cupcakes and I had this:

Mint Chocolate Chip. You can almost hear it saying, “Hi, I’m a mini cupcake and I’m delicious.”

After eating this and after decorating my imaginary house in my imaginary future while looking through Pottery Barn mom and I went shopping.

A small boutique called Il Teatro. They carried the brand Lush which I’m always so happy to find because it’s comfortable, it’s quality and it’s economical. Winning.

I intend to share with you my purchases as I wear them.

Now before I go I must share with you my FAVORITE picture of the day. My mom may or may not kill me for posting it but that’s a risk I am willing to take.

Allow me to introduce you to….

My mom: the Indian man, just before being catapulted to outer space.

Happy weekend-ing.

Chin chin.