‘lette me show you something french.

by Sweets and Sweaters

This post excites me more than most because it involves my favorite dessert in the entire universe. French macarons.

I made a pre-dinner stop at ‘lette so that as soon as I was finished with my pizza I wouldn’t waste any time between that and dessert.

Before I get too carried away with fond memories of last night I’m just going to show you:

Where the magic happens.

Taking them home.

From closest to furthest: Violet, Chocolate mint, Vanilla, Rose, 2 Raspberries

Inside the Raspberry

….and then there was one. (The Rose is absolutely divine. Not that all of them aren’t divine, because they are but this one is my favorite. It’s delicate and taste just like a Rose in the purest way)

Do it.

They’re the perfect dessert. Just sweet enough, with the perfect consistency and the fact that they’re naturally gluten-free doesn’t hurt anybody.

Go to ‘lette so you can try some for yourself. You won’t regret it.