The Third of January

by Sweets and Sweaters

There is one thing in particular I must bring to your attention. Three words:

The Iron Lady.

Without giving too much away I demand highly encourage you to go see it. (That is, of course, if you’re not like the silly teenagers sitting behind me who, after the film said, “Wow. I only fell asleep twice… it was just… really historical.”… They apparently would have preferred to be watching something like The Iron Snooki.)

It does seem cliche to talk about how brilliant Meryl Streep was, but truly, I don’t think I’ve seen her this good since Sophie’s Choice.

I am still haunted by the performance. Something about it lingers. It left an impact and what more can you ask of a film or an actor?

It’s worth your time.

For dessert tonight, I intend to enjoy a half a dozen French macarons from ‘lette, but for now I am going to sit in bed with my iced tea and my copy of Diane Keaton’s memoir Then Again and wish you all a very lovely day.