Peanut Butter with a Hershey Center

by Sweets and Sweaters


"Mmmm. deLICIOUS" (Bridesmaids quote a la K-Wiig)


Here are some long-lost cookies of holiday tradition in my household. It’s been years since we’ve made them, but we came upon the recipe and decided to go for it.

And because of the years without them I decided it was only appropriate to eat a large sum. Not to mention, all the residual cookie dough in the bowl and on the spoon… But it is at the moment when the cookies are right out of the oven when my fondest memories are made. It is in this moment the cookie is soft and the Hershey’s kiss melts and oozes chocolate syrup the second it’s punctured. Mmmm. Heaven.

I am tempted to go into the kitchen, now, to grab one, but that may be overkill as we continue our week of holiday baking tonight with butter cookies, most likely. I love butter. Probably almost as much as Julia Child.

More of my indulgences to come.

In hopes you are all treating yourselves to wonderful foods and sweets this holiday week- Bon Appetit.